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12 Go-To Albums


Elbow - The Takeoff & Landing of Everything - one of my top 12 go-to albums

One of my ITfM Radio colleagues challenged his Facebook buddies to list their top 12 go-to albums recently. The aim was not to overthink the list, but to put down whatever came to mind.

That was never going to happen and it took me about a week to come up with this list.

My top 12 Go-To Albums

  1. Yes - Relayer
  2. Bruce Springsteen - The River
  3. Elbow - The Takeoff and Landing of Everything
  4. Frazey Ford - Indian Ocean
  5. Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti
  6. Anathema - Distant Satellites
  7. Darius Rucker - True Believers
  8. Dwight Yoakam - Blame the Vain
  9. Bob Harris Presents Vol 2
  10. Muse - Absolution
  11. Ryan Adams - Gold
  12. Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
I’ve included links to the album on Spotify where available so that you can listen to my top 12 go-to albums. I’m sure that you wont agree with my choices, but try to pick your top 12 …. its harder than you think it will be.

Leave your list in the comments section.